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McPherson Neighborhood Initiative

In recent years, OTM has collaborated with numerous Napa agencies to:
  • Design and operate Parent University – a program to educate over 1,200 low-income parents per year on strategies and skills to support their children’s academic success and well-being, located within three predominantly Latino neighborhoods including the McPherson Neighborhood.
  • Partner with Napa Valley Community Foundation and four other local agencies to launch the One Napa Valley Initiative, a long-term investment to support Legal Permanent Residents who wish to become citizens.
  • Launch the Napa LGBTQ Connection, training over 300 professionals in 100 organizations and working to create a Gay-Straight Alliance in every middle and high school in the county. 
  • Lead a county-wide initiative to develop solutions to the mental health needs of the community through an innovative process between mental health providers and underserved populations. 


McPherson Neighborhood initiative logo


In 2007, On The Move (OTM) initiated an effort to address longstanding educational inequity for Napa’s Latino children and youth. Through an intensive partnership with McPherson Elementary School, OTM has established the McPherson Neighborhood Initiative.

This effort has engaged over 3,400 neighborhood children, youth, young adults, parents, agency leaders and educators to dramatically shift the academic and professional trajectory of the neighborhood’s children.